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Optimize what you can control.
Be proactive about what you can't.

Dor devices

Meet Dor

Dor is the only foot traffic solution to be accurate, affordable, and easy to install in any location.

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Quantify your store's success

schedule effectively

Schedule effectively

Most retail stores are over- or under-staffed 86 percent of the time. Foot traffic data from Dor helps you staff around daily trends so you can give customers the experience they deserve without wasting labor dollars.

Measure marketing outcomes

Measure marketing outcomes

Leverage the power of retail analytics to monitor promotional campaigns, improve advertisements and turn marketing-driven visitors into paying customers.

Prepare for rainy days

Prepare for rainy days

In-app weather insights help you understand the impact of weather on your business. Gray days and heat waves are out of your control, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be one step ahead of Mother Nature.

How Dor Works

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Peel and stick the sensor on your store entrance


Get hourly traffic updates on your analytics dashboard


Take action on traffic insights to maximize your store’s success


Optimize your business inside and out

Easily view all of your stores' performance from your dashboard, anytime, anywhere.
With point of sale integration, know how many of your customers made purchases and how many left empty-handed.

Empower your store with accurate
and affordable foot traffic data.

Learn how Dor can help optimize your operations